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Hello There,

We are Patchwork

The name may be new, but we have over a decade of video production experience. We've produced and participated in commercial, industrial, music video, and narratives productions across the United States.  

Why the name 'Patchwork'?

Because our world needs a little patchwork. We don't get a do-over or a clean slate, but we can learn from our mistakes and try to be better. So while is might easy to view patchwork as a sign of failure, we see it as a sign of growth. 

Video isn't the new kid on the block anymore. What is new, is the average consumer's awareness of 'how the sausage gets made'. Because of this, the demand for more ethical and eco-friendly companies is growing everyday. We at Patchwork are passionate about sustainability, both as a philosophy, and a marketing strategy. We want to elevate brands and organizations that people can feel proud support. Brands who's product and process gives consumers confidence in their patronage, and excitement to promote it.

We make Better Videos for a Better World.

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